Reviews for "A Pwanchi Halloween"

Very good!

Great storyline for one, evidently well written. The voice acting was great, especially the ending bit, wasn't to loud or quiet or with some sort of effect on it. The animation was smooth and worked well however I thought the man's lip sync didn't seem right, so if you ever wanted to fix my nit-pick with it, would be great, but as it stands it's an excellent flash animation, well done.

Perhaps the next Alfred Hitchcock...of flash!

cyotecody555 responds:

Thanks for the review :D


ruling out the quality, it was great, twilight zone style, i luveh it

actually scary =/

nice. i like it. and the voices arent cheesy like ppl laughing while their screaming. but the sounds were like blaring and my volume is on two of like twenty so thats somthing to think about. and i love the ending




i have to give u a 10 out of 10 the thing i want to know is what there faces looked like why cant they touch them oh yea but still ur pretty good i think u should make at least 3 more