Reviews for "Zero Race"

Yep, this is rather good

but just one suggestion, double jump for old zero would make him seem more like the game version. Overall a must play


I AM HOOKED (and the only reason i can give this review is because i can't figure out how to get into stage 3). I would give you a higher score but it wont let me. and in responce to the unfair times thing my com runs slower:). cool game keep up the good work.


Man you can probobly make a better game then megaman X!! This is better than any megaman game I seen for plain nitendo and this is god like in newgrounds megaman style:)

If you want to see a Mega man gay ass movie go to the movie Robotic Eskimoes :E2 and :E1 and if you cant find it the creator is K7_Entertainment

TO GOD, From JMB321

I can tell you put alot of effort into this game

It takes a long time to load but it's really worth it. Graphics are nice, sound is great, my advice is to send this to Capcom, they might actaully make you a deal. THey will make it a game , take ure levels, you can make alot of money with this game

you're not right.

This was not a piece of shit no in reality no in a dream! Its perfect!
(the sounds are from megaman x4 right?)