Reviews for "Zero Race"

About damn time.

Finally, somthing that can beat out Xiao.


Heh. With this, and squiggly race...there are two racing games on Newgrounds that are actually FUN.

I wish someone'd make a good car-racing game, like what's on RobotDuck.com, though.

Here's to this flash being the first big step towards having a true platform game in Flash.


GREATEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was awesome! best action game i ever saw. It was fun to play and the levels and music and new abilities you learn are great.I don't know why anyone is slaming this game! its really good!

it was a cool game


Very good

This game is very well done but what is up with your authors comments? This game is'nt a "piece of shit" don't listen to those people, they're retarded, if this game sux why would it be in the top action games?