Reviews for "Zero Race"

this is not a piece of shit.this is pure epicness.1000000% approved.


all my 5 rates belong to this game cause im a zero fan and i like him lot and i dont like much of a x.

First thing's first, a translation of drummerboy's message: This game is good but not perfect. The flaws in the game makes me give you 3 stars. I almost had an S rank but I didn't get it. Darn.

Anyway. The game is very flawed, yes. However, it is still a decently good game. I had a few issues with the game, but it's still a better game than what I can make.

1) Slashing with the sword for the 3 slash combo is near impossible, can't do it without breaking the keyboard.
2) Jumping entirely is way too short.
3) Double Jumping is -barely- helpful as by the time I can double jump I'm like 5 inches off the ground.
4) Wall jumping is near impossible to get up to some of the alcoves where the barrier switches are as I constantly get stuck jumping from the wall to the ceiling/floor of the alcove.

Other than that, it's actually a great game. Granted I played 2 stages and S ranked them both, but that's not too hard to do if you're able to compensate and adapt to games.

Keep these facts in mind in the future if you decide to remake this game, or rework this one. I have faith that you could do better if you tried and took the time to work out the bugs. I have yet to check out your page, but if you haven't made any other games, I wish you luck in making great games.

lyk the game all that luv must be big the idea and even the grafics are close to megaman x4 this is actual entertaining other than the fact is one i cant get pat level one lyk wtf and the intro but u lost 2 stars becuz the controls suck and the map is too fucking small i blame that cuz i wuz one second away from the s rank so lyk damb but dude ur idea s for game is the bomb man please make sum more