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Reviews for "So Shadow.."

Yeah Shadow..

Another funny Shadow pic i see. Sonic clinging on for dear life and Amy im sure is just glad to be near Sonic. If i were Shadow i'd give Sonic a continue and tell hit to get the hell off.

WendyAtticus responds:

Hahaha XD It's kind of like a funny comic idea I have, which I might do one day, but dunno :D lol Thanks for the 9!

great job

funny pic

WendyAtticus responds:

Thanks ^_^


This was a funny pic! Man, I'm jealous of your talents. I wish I could draw as good as this. Actually maybe I can, but I don't have the dang patience to do so. And I like most of your other arts too! Keep it up!

WendyAtticus responds:

<3 Thank you so much! XD Yeah it just comes with practice, I've been drawing since I was maybe 12 or something. But I didn't really improve at all until the last few years. *laughs* ^^ Thanks again~

Poor Shadow...

Always seems to be screwing up, doesn't he? Unlike you with this artwork! Nice job! :)

WendyAtticus responds:

Oh yes XD Thank you so much!


thats funny
you make great art man

WendyAtticus responds:

Thank you ^_^