Reviews for "So Shadow.."


I like how amy is all like,"Hi Shadow!! Fancy meeting you hear!!"
And Sonic's like,"Uh..Not to break up this reunion..but WERE GONNA DIE!!!
Shadow is thinking,"This isn't how i wanted my day to go...."
Great job!
Keep up the good work!!

WendyAtticus responds:

Haha! Thank you! ^^


Shadow:"oh do shut up already."
Wendy is the best. Nice work

WendyAtticus responds:

x3 Hehe! Thank you :D

lol :P all in a days work i guess :P

i like the look on sonic's face. it's like 'OMG! WE'RE GUNNA DIEE AHH!!!' XD you put so much detail in your work :0 10/10

WendyAtticus responds:

<3 Thank you so much!
I had so much fun drawing this too, especially Sonic and Amy. XD

Funny, Funny Hedgehogs

It seems as if this is the last straw, or rope rather. XD
Shadow looks less than happy with Sonic on one leg, and Amy on the other. If I was Shadow, I would have said "Screw it", and let go. XD

Nice work! Keep it up! ^^

WendyAtticus responds:

Haha! He kind of looks like that's what he might be thinking about.

Thank you! ^_^

nice pic

nice picture and that is how shadow is

WendyAtticus responds:

Thanks!~ ^^