Reviews for "So Shadow.."

ummh what whe have here?

wow wendy i think im in love whit your art shadow relly look i say '' is not me day...'' perfect in everything just one question do you think making more of those art? :)

WendyAtticus responds:

Thank you! ^^
I plan on making some more art eventually~

very cool

shadow is my facorite character

=D Awesome!

You are one big sonic fan!! =) Amazing Art :D

WendyAtticus responds:

Thank you! I've adored him for years X3


Sucks to be you, eh Shadow? Were you thinking Sonic Heroes when you made this?

WendyAtticus responds:

Hehe XD I came up with it when I was thinking about a Comic idea I'd like to make :D Based... I have no idea, probably just whenever in the Sonic world XD


those are my 3 favorite charecters