Reviews for "Angry Dog - Lizard Dome"


I agree with Ericho..I dig angry dog, its full of awesome, and this episode def left me wantin to instantly watch the next episode, i really like where the series is goin.. plot = win...but i wouldnt expect nuthin less from the creator of Fernando and Gooseman lol

Interesting characters

The best part of this was easily the artwork shown at the very end. The artwork in the actual cartoon was really good so that was a double whammy. The coolest thing was probably how this series really took off with a plot. Even the dialogue seems intelligent with all the talk of going to other dimensions. I imagine racism would be a problem in a world with so many different species. Angry Dog is so great with his deadpan humor.

It was interesting how he did not appear until later in the cartoon. He's a good foil to the rest of the chaos. I usually try to look at the things that are listed as sort of Easter Eggs. I am sorry to say the words were flashing by so fast I could not really make them out or at least not remember most. The only thing I remember is "Fantasy Bears Mass Suicide".

arrrr crap!

I clicked four instead of five on the voting thing.

me 2

i thought the cameelion washot


who else thought the camellion chick was hot?