Reviews for "Elektric Drawingz 3"

this game is good

well this is a very good idea and a very good game.

Awsome job

liam responds:

Thanks, sometimes simple is best :P

(Hail google)

not bad

i mean im not bored enough right now to have fun with it
but its a really fun idea
i dont know maybe you can turn it into a defense game =p
deflect particles by drawing lines and funnelling them into a hole =p
either way nice job

liam responds:

I might make a game using an electricity theme, I was thinking of some ideas. If I have time I'll maybe start one..

That was fun!

People can use this to record videos and stuff on it, I'm not doing that. But still, it's fun!

liam responds:



woah......That's pretty fun. It's different, in a good way. It's fun to put it on 99 volts, and 1 power. Nice job!

liam responds:

Thanks, thats the idea, I guess. Well, to enjoy it is the idea. Yeah.