Reviews for "Elektric Drawingz 3"


just press 'clear' if t isnt initially working.

by the way, awesome game!

it wont wrok for me now

fix it

Cool, i guess

It was okay. It wasnt really fun, but it was creative. I couldnt really figure it out, but props for awesome.

Essientially just..

Well this is essentially just a lesser version of the paint program that comes with microsoft, and just tweaked to have some movement in the drawings. To be honest with you I'm not much of a fan of paint, I'm not the greatest artist out there, and to me paint sucks so you won't ever see me use it any way shape or form, so when I come to this submission my opinion doesn't really change either, I find it hard to really enjoy, because you really can't do all that much with this submission and the gimmick it uses really doesn't seem that great to me.

the best

i play around with this whenever i need to destress. totally inventive!