Reviews for "Warfare: 1917"

Amazing work!

You made a hell of a game, I agree with everybody who like the graphics, sound, performance and game play of the game. Your elaborate detailing made me feel like I was in the heat of the battles!

Please make a sequel to it maybe you can do it o WWII this time or make it on WWI again. If you are doing it on WWI here are some of my suggestions:

Units should be able to make makeshift trenches, units make defensive positions or machine gun nests, there should be medics, maybe more vehicles like armored cars or recon cars, maybe new units like a flamethrower or anti tank rifle man, maybe make new campaigns on other countries like the USA or France and maybe you should include a storyline like the genaral of an army who commands an army such and such.

Sorry for the mouthful of words :D I just thought this game really rocks sorry to say its better then your 2 last stand games XD


I love this game. Killed loads of time and the last level is bitch hard! Will play again!

Awsome game

This game is awesome, it made me think of Company of Heroes.
I beat the Brittish campaign :) lost only 1 battle (but came up with a different strat to tackle it in the next try). It got a little laggy when there were many units on the field but that can't subtract to the score cause I think it has more to do with my pc then with your game. 10/10

To people who think this game is too hard: Go for all the ani tank upgrades so you can kill them easily in later battles. To take over trenches just stack up on assault teams in your trench and then send in a riflemen squad and when the riflemen squad is in the trench they will automaticly go out because it's full, at that moment send all the assault teams out of the trench and watch your men take over the next trench :)
For the last battle I chose not to send in troops but just bomb their morale down so they surrender and it worked. Just build a tank and a riflemen squad when you need to fend of some guys who escaped your bombings. I hope it helps you guys to get further and enjoy the game more.

yea lik da game

i like it because it reminds me of brother in arms

Landmines, tanks, blood and barbed wire

I played this game for 4 hours straight. I mean, it ok.