Reviews for "Warfare: 1917"


That was an awesome game, only one thing an di don't know if this perpetual or not but in the last level whenever you clear the first trench and there are enemies in the second your guys wont go into first.. im just saying this in case you missed it.


I especally loved the custom battle and awesome grapics


This is a very well done game. I've played through it three times now, and it still hasn't gotten old. Controls are simple, but allow for some good strategy. The sound effects are really well done, and they even assist with gameplay. I would love to see this concept expanded into maybe a Civil War game, or WWII, but have buildings instead of trenches, but allow the buildings to get blown up. That would be fun! But I just have to tell you kudos and a job well done!

wat u mean?

its not a glitch
uve probably just clicked on lock trench or somit
anyways it was really addictove and good


i luv this game, what great gameplay, its a hard thing to satysfy a strategy gamers craving with a flash game but you did it, PLEASE PLEASE MAKE MORE GAMES LIKE THIS, 1944, not so good, keep it basic