Reviews for "Warfare: 1917"

this game is awesome! great theme, concept and overall fun game. keep up the great work!

You Guys Should do More War Games.

One of the best strategy games of all time.

Rather than taking ground I focused on destroying morale. AKA snipers. They will suck out the morale. As long as you keep attack the back enemy trenches with support they are easy to manage.

Great game, but there are serious balance issues.
If your side loses a tank, your morale is pretty much depleted, but if you eliminate a tank, the enemies isn't even knocked down by half.
Also, saying "War isn't fair" is a pretty nasty cop-out. Seeing this as one of my first hints really soured the game for me, it made me feel like the artist either didn't know how to balance, or didn't care to balance the game out.
Still, there is a definite lack of good WWI games in existance, and this is definitely just a very good game with a very good setting. 4/5