Reviews for "Warfare: 1917"

suprisingly addicting

very good game overall
trench warfare was very novel, the addition of tanks and artillery really made the game.
it seems that the germans had a rediculously short cooldown time for spawning tanks, but i enjoyed the challenge. and, snipers are probably the best unit in the game
great job!

it was good

not great. just good.

love the concept of trench warfare but no man's land was a little too unruffled. i was expecting more of my men to die crossing between the trenches but it seemed pretty easy. or they got lucky.

i would say fun

it is a very good game though the germans have more spawn but less troopers
and a little less health, i dont know why people complain about it. it is a very
addicting game great job

Fun but Unfair

Lets see. The germans get to use their mortars and their bombardment literally 2-3 times more often than you. I was playing 1 game in which I had killed all germans and I was literally inches from advancing to the end of the screen and I lost cause my morale was low. Another game (the one with the 3 trenches) the germans were in the center trench and I had some grenadiers coming for my 1st trench and some how I lost the ground and lost that battle. I didn't even bother getting to the magical "British-only" landmines

very good!

Very good but I have proablems with the rules for artillery and landmines. For a start in your game german artillery is far more accurate than the allies guns. This is the diametric opposite of historical fact where improvements in British artillery accuracy won the war. (80% of German losses were due to shelling). Also you cannot have "magic" minefields that do not harm the Germans passing through. The only way to pass safely through your own mines is after the shooting stops have the engineers mark a safe route through their "Devils garden"