Reviews for "Warfare: 1917"

wat about...

making a sequel but make it like COD4, all futuristic but not like 100 years in the future
good game overall though

Really good

Once you get tanks rolling out, infantry really lose their purpose to storm the enemy, since losing them right before the final trench can instantly make you lose the battle (or it did that to me.. twice) Only problem that bothered me is the fact the Germans mortar was so accurate and killed a soldier with almost every shell. Whereas my shells missed over half the time. But overall it's a good game.


I like the fact you took the time to research the equipment used in WW1, as these days most games of past warfare are of WW2 creed. Very difficult, but addictive- is there any chance of a WW2 sequel? Much more variety in equpment in that scenario perhaps?

brings a tear to my eye

my great grandad fought in that war its nice to know what it was like


really cool game! de poca madre!
intresting, good animation and addicting....
sometimes kind of unfair but....
Who says that war is fair?

Would like to see more of this kind of games......