Reviews for "-= Castellum =-"


This track is my favorite of your work so far. I don't really know why, I simply like it.
Please excuse me not criticizing or leaving a sophisticated comment. I'm busy listening to the track.

TheBiocide responds:

Hahaha! No worries, man - you've said enough :) I'm glad you've got a new favorite track!

Thanks for the review, as usual! Hope to hear more from you in the future, my friend.

Great through my new Sennheiser HD 598

I just some new headphones i have been saving up for, I dropped in a new sound card a while ago and just have been waiting for my new headphones so i can listen to music proper. Sennheiser HD 598, I highly reccomend them if your a slight audiophile lol. But overall great song man my favorite dub song in a while. you should check out Kill The Noise btw I would like to see some of thier style in your music. Not that your style isn't epic in itself.

TheBiocide responds:

Good to hear that, man. I'm glad you can listen to my tunes proper! Hahaha And I'm quite familiar with KTN - I'm actuallly working on a song right now that sounds a bit like his stuff ;)

GIGGITY love your music and gratz on the label!

TheBiocide responds:

Thanks a lot, man! Love your reviews ;) <3

I was gonna say ive been doing this so long that ive run out of witty smart ass things to say.

But we both know that isnt gonna happen.

This song is brilliant, has a kind of oriental feel...

And is just over 9000

TheBiocide responds:

Hahahahahaha, "we both know that isn't gonna happen." Love your reviews, dude.
I'll be looking forward to your next comment ;)


Can't wait to play this in my car jacked up so high people outside hear it as though it was right in their ears......even though my windows are up XD. As always keep it up man.

Your Loyal Dubstep Junkie,
Again sorry I'm reviewing a lot of your songs so long after you uploaded em, I feel sorta bad bout nor having the time. Hope me coming back makes up for my absence for so long.

TheBiocide responds:

Hahahahahaha! Wish I would've seen this one earlier!

Thanks for the review, buddy! I hope you actually played the shit out of it and ruined some ears ;)

Much love!