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Reviews for "TheHeist"


Great game! Deserves to be Featured.


Nice game. Prices r a little too high, but the difficulty is good and i LOVE the music (for some odd reason) addicting game :D

nice game

i give it 8 because its a fun game with a semi unique feel, people are complaining that they cannot understand why it costs so much when you hit something omg its damage to the truck and if you got full money you would get upgrades earlier and imba the game, stop whining its a flash game not a $20 million blockbuster difficulties are there to make you a better gamer, and luvs2spooge thats unnecessary.

Problems... But it is good!

1. You lose way too many credits when you run into cars. And I even have the last armor upgrade.
2. You cant do mission 10! It said I need the planning specialist, and I already had him.
Otherwise, good game.

Too Hard

This game is great, I like everything about it except for the difficulty level.