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Reviews for "TheHeist"

Shouldn't have made the front page.

Lets start with what you did right.

-Nice sense of speed and breaking. Very good controls overall. No lag, or sluggishness.

What you did okay.

-The idea of the game was alright pulling different jobs is fun. But the jobs aren't different. There's no real variation.

-Sound nothing special. Nice sounds overall music has got one track.

What you totally f***ed up

-No variety it's the same thing over and over no differences of substantial changes.

-You rupture a vital organ the credit loss system blows. It's just poorly done. You lose too many I mean I think the cars hitting other cars caused me to lose credits.

-The upgrades cost too much and there's no point to hiring people seeing as all the levels are the same.

Good Simple Fun

Firstly, I did enjoy this game, as I came back to it twice, something I rarely do with flash games. The sad part is, after the 2nd go I'll probably never play it again. However, though short, this game was quite fun during it's span. The graphics were simple, yet worked nicely, I got no lag whatsoever at any point during the game. The music was ok, nothing special, but not bad either. The control scheme was nice and simple, which is a core element of games such as this. My issues with the game, aside from length, are primarily with the difficulty. I found it far too easy, as the game is just a matter of playing the same levels over and over. Then, once you've gotten 999 Gang Rep, and scads of money, driving the golden van with missles dies pretty quickly. Also, I may just not have noticed it, but the "boost" with the golden van didn't seem to do anything for me, but again this didnt detract anything either. Overall, a fun, simple, break-time game that I'd easily recommend. If there is a sequel perhaps a bit more depth and replay value?

this is great

i love this game so much, its not hard at all it is definetely one of the funnest games on newgrounds.

I love this game!

at the beginning I was a little pissed that I came out of the first level practically penniless but after unlocking everything and playing through again I've been able to rake up bonuses of over 40,000 points! and managed to pull in 512,000 from the last level! I can't wait for a sequel! this got me hooked and I still like it! it may seem like something that would be repettitive but it's not! good job!

Could be good

But it is not. Same thing over and over, and like some people said by the time you get to the middle or farther in the level you either have under 20,000 credits or none. Its not that the game is hard but that even when the cops hit a car without any assistance from the player, you lose money. I was noticing a steady decline in my credit as the cops behind me were hitting cars as I raced away. If you can fix that then you will probably have a better game.