Reviews for "Jim and Pals Shorts: Ep 8"


amazing short

i been using flash for awhile now but yet i dont no how to motion guide :D

Jimtopia responds:

It's weird, and kind of... dumb, lol


as always my friend. lol

still kickin ass as always

10 for u and springville!

Jimtopia responds:

Thanks man! I'm glad you liked this!
(and I'm surprised you liked springville so much!)

Ahah finally released.

You're really getting more than your feet wet with all this motion knowledge we call animation. I'm glad to see you're liking flash so much, though as I've mentioned you've done great with koolmoves in the past. I suppose Jim's next step is.....3 D


Just kidding, hope to see more Jim soon!

Jimtopia responds:

Oooh, but I do intend to take Jim into the 3D world someday. I doubt he'll stay there, but it'll be an interesting experiment, that's for sure!

Thanks for the review man, glad you liked it.

Great fun

Always good to see Jim and Gary having some fun together. So now that youv'e got Flash CS3, will you be putting the explosion tools to good use?

In short, more explosions please!

Never seen a demonstration of this kind of technique outside of a tutorial. You've got a nice spread across the board with these new techniques. Happy playing with them and I look forward to improved productions.

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Jimtopia responds:

Yeah it does kind of give off a "tutorial" vibe doesn't it? The only difference is that in this, you don't learn anything. I'm pretty excited myself to see what all Flash CS3 offers as well.

I can't review I am getting funky!

This was amazing. First, off the scriptwriting was superb, I was thinking it was a Mac and PC commerical, but it just got better and better as the animation went on. It was pretty cool how you add the character show off the things you couldn't do in Koolmoves. I tried not to laugh really loud during the motion guide scene because I am watching this in my animation class right now, but awesome job. Seriously, I can't wait to see more from you with Flash. Best Jim and Pals....SO FAR!

Jimtopia responds:

Really? Wow I was worried this one would be received the worst! >_< Well I'm really glad that you liked it, here's to Jim and Pals FLASH EDITION! ^_^