Reviews for "Jim and Pals Shorts: Ep 8"

Pretty good.

Animation/Graphics - Very simple drawings and animation. Nothing too new or exciting here. Colors and everything was fine. I think the animation was very clean and smooth and so were the drawings, but at the same time like I said kind of plain and boring.

Story - Sadly I don't understand a lot of it because I don't understand flash whatsoever and I have never heard of Koolmoves or Koolmovies or whatever it was. Is this program simple to use? I think flash is hard as hell so if if this is any easier to use then I wouldn't mind giving it a try. You had a nice amount of humor in it though for how short the submission was.

Audio - Good background music and sound effects in this flash. You also had some good voice actors here. I can't think of anything else to say about the audio section of this flash.

Overall - A decent flash with a decent amount of humor. A bit short, but not too short to make it bad.


~ Review Request Club ~

Jimtopia responds:

Thanks for the review I'll try to make my graphics a bit more interesting for the next one.

Lovely xD

I'm quite excited for what you pump out now :D Defenetly one of the best things I've ever voiced for!

And , Gary/Dante, settle down :P All we do is the voices, we don't need to be co-authored. Just given credit :D
And it'd be cool if you used a noise cancellation on yer sound , if you could. It has a lightsaber effect ^^; Love ya though! Perfect Gary!

Jimtopia responds:

I'm glad you enjoy doing Jim's voice so much, looks like I found the perfect voice actor for it.

wtf? coauthor us for voice!

it was all that i expected it to be, but seriously, now you can give us credits for the voice!

we worked hard and i think we deserve it

oh, and you still got the great animating skills! :)

Jimtopia responds:

I PM'd you about the voice thing.

Thanks, glad you think so.

Darn you peter

Darn you and your ability to force me to smile.

Jimtopia responds:

Lol, thanks man. Glad you like my stuff.


motion guides are actually useful if you do it right. :P mostly its for adding an arch to tweens. so the object doesn't just go straight :)

funny cartoon. at first I was like, damn I hate jimtopia, none of it is animated and its all tweens >:( but then it got really funny and enjoyable and you managed to use that basic animation stuff as part of the story.

so it was really good. you've definitely got writing skills, thats for sure.

if you want something to work on, try some frame by frame animation. most of your stuff is tweened, and its good to know both pretty well.

Jimtopia responds:

You hated me!? T_T