Reviews for "The PNESS, Unloaded"

great game

Hahahaa, I love the 100% accuracy thing, its true too since you dont fire unless your aim is on target. Cool graphic style, nice animation, and the music matches up really well, so this gets a 10 hands down.

FleckoGold responds:

Plus, the PNESS never misses!



This is freakin awesome, I love ninjas :D
And what a modern way of thinking.
Loved the intro, and those ninja skills.
The game was fun, but not the best I think :(
Maybe throwing stars included for this ninja? :)

Can you make a game with the other ninjas? :)


FleckoGold responds:

The PNESS only specializes in guns. He says he's modernizing Ninjutsu. I think he's just lazy.



Funny how you can't miss, but hey, he's the freakin P-Ness. >:'D

FleckoGold responds:

No...no the P-NESS cannot miss my "vicious" friend. I mean, I would know.....I'm him.

So listen to the P-NESS when he says....shoot clowns.....their heads will increase in size and explode clown goo all over the place....its quite entertaining.



cool- funny, love your stuff!

wow cool

your my new favorite animator yay