Reviews for "The PNESS, Unloaded"

great game

Hahahaa, I love the 100% accuracy thing, its true too since you dont fire unless your aim is on target. Cool graphic style, nice animation, and the music matches up really well, so this gets a 10 hands down.

FleckoGold responds:

Plus, the PNESS never misses!



This is freakin awesome, I love ninjas :D
And what a modern way of thinking.
Loved the intro, and those ninja skills.
The game was fun, but not the best I think :(
Maybe throwing stars included for this ninja? :)

Can you make a game with the other ninjas? :)


FleckoGold responds:

The PNESS only specializes in guns. He says he's modernizing Ninjutsu. I think he's just lazy.



Funny how you can't miss, but hey, he's the freakin P-Ness. >:'D

FleckoGold responds:

No...no the P-NESS cannot miss my "vicious" friend. I mean, I would know.....I'm him.

So listen to the P-NESS when he says....shoot clowns.....their heads will increase in size and explode clown goo all over the place....its quite entertaining.



not only is this the funest game ever BUT
its funny times a tilted 8

FleckoGold responds:

I'm very glad that you enjoyed it! Not only that, but I also thank you for your review! :D



a very creative game. I love it!! btw, what made you think up the clown with the exploding head? that was my favorite part!!

FleckoGold responds:

I was scarred from watching "IT" when I was about 6. Since then, I've always had that clown somewhere in the back of my mind. Pennywise always thought of the most gruesome ways to mess with you. Thanks!