Reviews for "Cosmico!"

very interesting

never played a game like this before (at least i think i haven't) but it was fun and enjoyed it. Besides, almost anything made by armor games is always good.

The-EXP responds:

Play Rez if you get a chance (it's on Xbox Live) it's an amazing experience.

good but...

It was short, though it did become quite challenging for a second there. The story was cool and the songs chosen were nice. Its one of those that you sit down todo real quick, enjoy a short challenge and move on..

i injoyed it

yea like others said, I was one of those ppl who never made the score but passed on by.. the Robot animation was cool but he didnt really look like he wanted to kill the human race, that part of the story kinda threw me off. but I still liked playing it great work

pretty good

its not like the best game ive ever played, but its pretty good


not that good of a game but worth playing for the ending