Reviews for "Cosmico!"

I love it.

Its a fun game! Its pretty original, too, which I like even more.

Keep it up. :D

The-EXP responds:

Cheers, dears :D

Nice work

I really liked the game. Definitely challenging, but not so difficult that I didn't want to keep playing.
I also liked the ending. Very interesting. :D

Keep up the good work.


You know that, reading the story, I felt so sad. The history of a robot who knows that the end of his life is near but he has something to do before he is going to die. That's quite... sad.

The music was perfectly chosen to the chapters.

Anyway, you got 10!


Fucking amazing good damn job :O

haha subtle jokes

"as his power level dropped to below 9000" hehe was i the only 1 who noticed that? :)