Reviews for "Cosmico!"

I really wanted to like this.

I was really enjoying it at first, but dragging that slow ass reticule behind the cursor, and the speed at which power is drained really sucked the fun out of it until I was yelling "F*CK this game!"

Mad props for being Rez-inspired. It's probably the more inspiring game I've ever played (still trying to figure out how to make a musical platformer work). But damn, those two things I mentioned really killed this for me.

Pretty good

Creative game idea and a cute story, but there's a flaw with the Point Multiplifier - its to easy to raise him really high by clicking on single planets, I would suggest that you need at least three planets in your combo to raise the multiplifier. With that technique its a bit too easy to score big numbers.
Apart from that - there are only three levels, I would have loved if you had visualised the flow of the music in such a music-driven game.
Apart from that: Carry on, would love to play an improved sequel ;-)

Great soundtrack

Good gameplay, 'cute' story... but i think the best part was the soundtrack. the music continually got more intense from level to level. the only improvements i can think of would be upgrades between levels.. maybe in the 2nd version?

ouch my eyes

I usually love armor games, but this one was just ugh. Those constant super bright flashes were simply too painful. I'm also sure I was missing something about how to boost my score, but it hurts too much to try to play it again. Sorry armor, maybe the next time.

really good

its really good,but the score expectency is too high