Reviews for "Cosmico!"

Nice work

I really liked the game. Definitely challenging, but not so difficult that I didn't want to keep playing.
I also liked the ending. Very interesting. :D

Keep up the good work.

Cool game

Story was neat, gameplay was average... if not a little repetitive.

Also, there was a major sound bug. Every time I played a level, the music from the story scene would continue playing over it... and all previous levels. By level 3 you could not hear anything... but random bangs.

Good effort though.

Why are people complaining?

I don't see how people can complain about it being too hard. If its too easy people say make it harder, if its to hard people complain and whine.
If anything I thought this game was a little too easy, I landed the "star score" or whatever on all 3 lvls on my first try on each of em. I personally thought the game was pretty spiffy.


There was no real interaction with the music as Rez.
And nothing kills you. I mean, u could put some enemies or something to be avoided.


It's alright.
The music is the best aspect of the game, but the gameplay gets boring quickly.
Maybe if it had some more interesting enviroments I could of played it for longer than I did.
Otherwise not bad.