Reviews for "Cosmico!"

one problem

if i run out of power, shouldn't any palanets i've selected be turned into constelations?

it just annoyed me when i had a good chunk slected then i can't release in time to get the score

Pretty good

I loved the game, it was fun and exiting, but it seemed pretty repatitive, and it aslo was a little short, but overall, great game!!!


I just eradicated all human life? Damn, I know my score on the final level was only 31000, but still. Also, 'It's under 9000!'

I enjoyed it

It was touching... I kind of beat myself up if I missed a planet....becuase that is all that they wanted was to be constellations... and I felt like I failed them. But all in all.... good game... nice music...was a little tough at some points but mostly... I got it down...

Nothing Works

I still cant figure out how to move or d anytihgn in this game even after trying for 20 min. One star for the music tho