Reviews for "Cosmico!"


You know that, reading the story, I felt so sad. The history of a robot who knows that the end of his life is near but he has something to do before he is going to die. That's quite... sad.

The music was perfectly chosen to the chapters.

Anyway, you got 10!

Cool game

Addicting I have to say. The music is good and it was nice and challenging towards the end. I feel kind of bad for eradicating human existence though.

Yay< its awesome

I give it a 10, I took the time to make an account on this website just so I could leave a comment on how good this game was, I wouldn't have even played it if it wasn't for the music


this game is revolutionary.
the gameplay's great, the plot was een better. dramatic, but with a complete unsxpected punchline. and i really enjoyed the music.
lol, star wars font!!!

very nice

"Mission accomplised... all human life has been eradicated"

lol that quote at the end was awesome. a cute little robot turning planets into stars is the source of the apocalypse.

the game was fun, but a little too easy. good for killing a few spare minutes though