Reviews for "Cosmico!"

Enjoyable by far.

This was such an addictive game. Even though it was really simple in terms of goals, methods, things like that, it was a tad challenging at times and I really entertained myself with it for a while. The star scores were definitely very achievable, and the fact that there are only three levels doesn't do anything to detract from the score; in fact, it's ideal if you just want to be entertained but not have it take away too much time.
The character used was cute, and I liked the storyline behind the game - definitely interesting. Great job with this; it's really quite fun.

I love it.

Its a fun game! Its pretty original, too, which I like even more.

Keep it up. :D

The-EXP responds:

Cheers, dears :D

Good but ...

When you don't ge the required score eg, on the first level i only got 18 thousand and still was allowed to carry pon even though the required is 45 thou, i clocked the game without even getting the required scores, you should fix that.

The-EXP responds:

Thats intentional. Those who just want to progress may do so, those who want to get a decent score have to work for it. hanks for playing.

Wait, so you just group stars together?

That's it? Only 3 levels, no power-ups, no extra combo points for group similar colors, no extra points for actual size of the star itself, or anything.

I don't think I understand this games full potential. Because to me, it just look like you click and drag stars together and nothing else entertaining.

3/10 for the music and being entertaining for about 15 seconds before it got repetitive.