Reviews for "Lumix World Golf"


ok what the hell is this?

First the music; omgstfu, wheres the goddam mute button?!
2) graphics - my Tandy 1800 from 1989 had better graphics; this thing looks like something you'd turn into your teacher for cmps 201 in college to skate by with a C average
3. what ... the hell is with all the tie ins? is there actually a company out there that is willing to put their name on this?
4. Physics; go learn yourself a book
5. possesed camara, nuff said
6. zoom - let me zoom the fuck out so i can at least "see" the hole im shooting for; also, if i hit terms and conditions one more fricken time cause im trying to go full power, im gonna scream

all in all, this game sucks, and i approve this message

obvious flaws

The fact that its only 10.5kb is amazing, whats even more amazing is that it takes 30 seconds to load that 10.5kb. So I'll bet its not really hosted here on NG. Not that it will affect the score, but it was rather misleading.
The game itself was slightly original, I've played 3D golf and mini golf but never 3D mini golf. But what I noticed that really annoyed me is the 10 second 'intro' to each level, just let me start playing! Whats the point in watching the ball drop from 2 inches? And when the level is won, let us just go to the next level, or tell us how to skip the 'win' animation.
And the second annoyance was the camera angle. Its not horrible, but I much rather would have a top view, instead of this off to the side view. Doesn't feel right hitting the ball at this angle... Give us some rotation to our view.
And kill the ads. Because really, they're everywhere. I won't be buying a camera no matter what the ad says. Oh, and you really think people are dumb enough to put in their first and last name as well as their email into a form to 'win'(lol) a whatever?


to much angling for me

wasted efort

the angling was to hard and who wants to spend time looking to wear you want to shoot


I've always said graphics don't make the game, and this is a prime example of why. NO GAME PLAY! sure it looks neat, but at the cost of performance, bugs, horrible gameplay, entertainment, frame rate, and anything else that slightly resembles a decent game.

But don't let these reviews get you down. Just next time put more thought into what makes a game, rather than just graphics, you'll get a better rating.