Reviews for "Lumix World Golf"

this didnt deserve a front page

nuff said


Holes that make no sense, alot of control problems. Bugs. Was fun for like the first hole, but when trying to move the camera and zoom in and Out i encountered a lot of problems that just ended in me wasting a stroke. Overall, not a game i'd play again.

i give a 3

this game is BAD 1: NO ADS IN GAMES I HATE THAT!!!!! 2: ok ummm first 3 holes were ggood the camrea SUCKED and the rome lv the camera wouldnt even move. 3: Since when does a brige move? 4: what kinda of mini golf doesnt have a mulitplayer 5: Oh boy i gotta hole in one i getta free dvd player all i gotta do is give them my email and soul >:(! 6: It just sucked man 7: on the 2 nd eyptyin lv the one with the spinning pyrmid Shouldnt your ball go up a slope evn if its spining 8: ( you can notice these bad reason go on and on) yea.... i gotta par once and it says i gotta bride i wasnt mad its just that shouldnt happen. ~ Zapior

slow and repetitive

i get bored in the hole number 3 because is very slowly im sorry but you have to made a better game than this


i really dont mean this in a bad way but i wouldnt bother playing this game. the game play is poor to say the least. the graphics are ok. there are much better putting games on this website such as mini putt 3 or 12 holes of christmas. if u make another game like this please make the gameplay a lot better