Reviews for "Lumix World Golf"

Apparently i failed...

The graphics are cool, but i failed a hole and got caught in a loop where i wasn't able to play the other holes... it just said i failed them all..... too many bugs

i agree with fucian

all it is, is some gay advert where half of the game is to mess around with the viewing controls just like you would with a camera. however i do quite like the idea of winning a laptop because i got so frustrated with this game that i really felt like punching the screen on the one im usuing now, also the scenery was really repetetive, although the golden gate bridge one where it moved up and down was cool simply because i nearly got a hole in one. i think i got +5 in the end, which obviously means i wont be playing it again

nedds improvements

it lags sometimes and depending where you are the camera sucks but i give you a 4 for effort


Your best game of 2008?!?! This submission is more about advertisement than anything else. 3D graphics doesn't make it better. Play some games on newgrounds... maybe u'll understand what gaming is about.

So what's new?

Plenty of other games like this - better and without the annoying commercials.