Reviews for "Lumix World Golf"

Nice graphics but tons o bugs

If there were no bugs, this game whoukd be peace of cake. The first bug is that after lvl 16, more than one ball appear. On level 18 you can not fall through the first hole.


The camera was poor, but aside from that it's an okay game, except for one thing.

I don't want to play advertisements.

it was ok

the controls were to jerky and not smooth

well not bad. . .

. . . but could use some improvements like controls for instance. sometimes the angles are kinda screwy. i used the arrow keys and that helped. also the cars running into the ball really on the rome level is kinda unfair.graphics are pretty nice but need to be cleaned up a bit.

not that great

Not overly impressed by this game at all.... very boring, poor collision detection.... over all not great 6/10 for graphics and land mark use