Reviews for "Lumix World Golf"


I almost got to the end... then i glitched the ball out of the playable area.
a word of advice, invert the camera controls people arnt used to direct camera control.

Some people are so harsh

I always love a good mini-golf game. I haven't seen a mini golf game done in flash before, so that's a plus. I even got a bunch of birdies and was entered into some of their contests, so that's a plus, too.

To everyone complaining that Newgrounds is a free site and that there should be no advertising - stop whining. It's free to YOU, NOT to Newgrounds. I even heard that the costs are so high for this site that they could buy a Porsche every week with the server costs. Newgrounds probably gets money from this game, and we get free entries into contests for a nice bunch of prizes just for seeing a few advertisements in the corners. Stop the complaining. Not everything in life is free.


there are no good golf games on the internet this is like the only good one i just hate the view of it all


I found it fun and addicting...but the camera system kept messing me up.

Really good... ish

It was ok.
Amazing graphics.
But too many ads everywhere
and it gets boring after a while.