Reviews for "Lumix World Golf"

I can't believe this gets a low score

this is an awesome minigolf game. it started lagging in one hole but that was because I accidentally right-clicked. it's really good and the camera system is ok, I just sometimes get confused with left or right, but since it isn't timed that doesn't matter.


This was very well done, the graphics were very good and it was all clearly and profesionally layed out.

the only neg i had was all the advertising and such inbetween gaming screens kinda cluttered it up, but other than that nice game.

Graphics were amazing

Graphics were amazing, could probablty work slightly more on playability/phsics but other then that it's great.


i can't see any bugs, no idea why all the other users have so many problems. i like the game, i finish it with +10, not good, i know, but it was fun. i really like the cars which drive in some levels around and push the ball away. :) great idea. u could do the camera controls i bit smoother, i better not say which standart i be used to and which game is liable therefor ... tehe ... so ... the music was also good. i better leave now, byebye


ENJOYED this very much.Once i got the hang of it like the cars pushing your ball it was quite good!Bit of a lag but that could be my slow computer.Not bad at all!