Reviews for "Lumix World Golf"

Ads are not games

Why is this even here? This is a fancy equivelent of the "hit this button to beat up mike tyson and win a ring tone" flash ads. Great you made a very basic golf game and stuck ads in everywhere you could. BLAM !!!

Ad central.

There is obviously more effort put into getting people to see ads they want nothing to do with and unfortunately this game was as bad as the ads.

Wow. Just wow.

This file is not even a game. Tried to complete each motion with the mouse. Clicking and dragging did nothing to let me play the game.

A usability nightmare. Stay away.

Game screen is too small

The Graphics were rather good, and the game design was Better then most.

This game is just shit. It takes forever to load. I think this deserves to go to hell.