Reviews for "Madness: Assassination"

super cala fuckign awwasome!

im not saying that because im one of your best friedns

DrSalvadork responds:

Thanx a bunch buddy!

[EDIT] Lol, I forgot to make glass-splitters on the left side of the phone-booth...
Shh, don't tell anyone...[EDIT]

really nice submission

Yeah, seems I'm a little late for even really seeing this, but I still really liked it. To be continued...? Hopefully.

DrSalvadork responds:

Lol, thanx!
I have some other projects going on, but might make a sequel sometime.
Maybe for MD09 or MD10...


suprisingly good

DrSalvadork responds:

Thanks for the review! :D


Awesome job...Happy Madness day!

DrSalvadork responds:

Haha. And happy (late) Madness Day to you too!


Please, continue that.

DrSalvadork responds: