Reviews for "Madness: Assassination"

Not a bad job.

The text could be abit straighter, and the story is abit generic, but has good potentioal for a sequal, IMO.

DrSalvadork responds:

Thanx, you're right about the story lol, but this was just supposed to be a quick thing for Madness Day, and I was pretty much making it up as I went along...
Thanx for the honest review!

not bad

it's a great movie with alot of potential and im sure if you work harder on number 2 (if your planning on making a second one) it will be even better

DrSalvadork responds:

Haa thanx!
I'm glad bout the score you give, and the score this got!

There might be a second one, which would probably be longer, but not in the near future at least.
Thanx for commenting!