Reviews for "Rain Forest (2012 remix)"

I love the beat! Awesome music, It feels just like the title says, rain foresty. Great work!

Bonus pts for perfect loop. I kept listening to it for a while without realizing it started over ahah.

D-Chain responds:

thank you kindly


Well Avizura, 23 votes, 32 downloads and still a score of 4.86 xD
currently #1 in score ranking, This has a pretty big chance to get into the top 5. xD

Great job Tim,
This RainForest remix is better than the original in all aspects quality wise.
I still miss the old melody though xD.
Perhaps a 1 - 2 - 1 - 2 swap would be nice where 1 = new melody and 2 = old melody or something.
Nevertheless, really really nice.
Lets finish our collab too xD

D-Chain responds:

Hi potency!
its great to see you around again :\
havent seen you on either newgrounds, soundcloud or msn for some time now.

and thanks for the review :\
the 1 - 2 swap is a great idea, but its almost finished as i speak.
and the breakdown will be all about the old melody, same goes for the part after it.
as for the rest, which will be different.

i had my doubts about this going into the top 5..
but i pretty much know now, it will be thanks to you guys :)

so as for our collab, i too want it to be finished.
but since i havent seen you in some time i never got any chance to ask you
if the FLP was even ready to be send back to me.


the quality is just beyond perfect dude!

great great work!

D-Chain responds:

agreed, and thanks youzzz


Dude this is just what we need in the Techno revelution, people all over putting out high quality music.

D-Chain responds:

Lol so what do you think?
Time for a change?


I'm just impressed!
How long do you create House music? - I feel, that 2-3 years :D Cuz it is really awesome, professional track :D
As for me, I usually spend to creat project around 2-3 HOURS and this is my fault :DD
Great work!!

D-Chain responds:

Hah ive spent lots of time, im into Fruity Loops for over 6 years now.
and into professional stuff around 1 year..

it really feels like i only spend 1 year tho.
anyways, thanks for ur time man really glad you enjoyed :D