Reviews for "MGS - The Fulp Paradox"

Loved it

Loved the fact that grey fox kicked ass

the ends death, funny

dudesterism, you forgot to include the fury too. man he was kick ass, there eeds to be a parody of him.

Help me feel PAIN

Greates cyborg ninja cameo ever


hohoho that's what you get jeff xDD
i liked it, voices were really good and I liked the drawings.

Osuka responds:

hahaha glad that you liked my drawings :3
wait for the Hadouken DudeĀ“s next episode of FSM, is really awesome

his code name is the END!

there are lots off boss's thes are the names:
2.the pain
3.the fear
4.the end
5.the sorrow
6.colonel volgin
7.the shagohod
8.the BOSS