Reviews for "MGS - The Fulp Paradox"

i just cant.....

there is just no way to describe how bad ass that was... i was laughing my ass off... that was a good way to start my day... a lot better then my 7-11 coffee..... WAKE UP

Osuka responds:

thanks, glad to know that you liked


its a great flash but i hope Tom don't take it personal but it still funny 10/10

P.S who is that guy in the brown shirt that got owned? i guess he's the cofounder of newgrounds

Osuka responds:

I think that Tom liked it

The guy with the brown shirt is Jeff "Johnny Utah" the creator of Tankmen series, im a fan of he´s animations so i made a parody for him

glad you liked it

Duuude, that's JohnnyUtah

Awesome, you're right, JohnnyUtah also deserves his parody, the animation was great and the jokes were awesome, 10/10



Someone Answer me!

I love the Bonus Scene