Reviews for "MGS - The Fulp Paradox"

haha mataron a utah

haha lol alfin johny tiene su parodia tambien XD, y obviamente estuvo genial la animacion graphicamente XD

Osuka responds:

thank dude, i think that he deserves one XD


Amazing tho.

Osuka responds:

thanks dude \m/^^

A little short.

But the graphics make up for it. Good one.

Osuka responds:

yeah i know that was short, but im full now of work and i only have free time for shitting and eating :(


Hi dude, thanks for using my song! :D
Realy nice one, I realy love it, very funny! And The End's end is just so awesome, nice job! I hope I'll see more from you soon!
C ya man, and thanks again! :)

Osuka responds:

Your songs are awesome, but would be cool if you add them a 46x46 image
i think that would help with the impact and more people can hear your music

Cheers mate

nothing special

that was mildly entertaining...