Reviews for "MGS - The Fulp Paradox"


great job. Some stuff was a little ambiguous but all in all it was fantastic. How did this not get the front page???? maybe fulp really has been offed?

Could be better

Pretty good drawings and animation but the whole thing seems too randomly put together and rushed. And the jokes are rather poor, too.

Osuka responds:

Well, they were made for the MGS collab, that why looks so random

I want a parody too...

FUCK WAIT NO! Shit! Grayfox... umm hi *run*

lol anyway t'was really good and loved the extra bonus scene :3

Osuka responds:

Yeah, i have that idea because all the people make parodies of the Super Fulp Brothers (Tom and Wade). And Jeff started the collab so i wanted to make a parody about that

glad you liked it

Holy Sh*t!

That was funny as h*ll great job on the animation. Really funny when Gray Fox comes out of nowhere. LOL.

Osuka responds:

glad you liked it


hohoho that's what you get jeff xDD
i liked it, voices were really good and I liked the drawings.

Osuka responds:

hahaha glad that you liked my drawings :3
wait for the Hadouken DudeĀ“s next episode of FSM, is really awesome