Reviews for "MGS - The Fulp Paradox"


Why doesn´t this is in front page is very good!!, anyway when i move a little the mouse why it took me to the credits?

Duuude, that's JohnnyUtah

Awesome, you're right, JohnnyUtah also deserves his parody, the animation was great and the jokes were awesome, 10/10

point taken

nice job on the flash its really good in detail and precision and you do have a point with johnny utah and the whole grayfox predator thing good combination also you should go one with this project like see what happens after fulps dad is dead


its a great flash but i hope Tom don't take it personal but it still funny 10/10

P.S who is that guy in the brown shirt that got owned? i guess he's the cofounder of newgrounds

Osuka responds:

I think that Tom liked it

The guy with the brown shirt is Jeff "Johnny Utah" the creator of Tankmen series, im a fan of he´s animations so i made a parody for him

glad you liked it


how in fucking hell did this not get submitted for the 2nd mgs flash collab

Osuka responds:

I made 4 parts, but Fulp Paradox was more a parody of NG than MGS, and they only making 2 disc, so they used 2 of my 3 parts

glad you liked it