Reviews for "Punch Tom Out"


I assume this is for the Max Games contest, good luck with that. :]
A friend and i are also making a submission, so,
be afraid. <3

But, to stay on topic,
the graphics were great, and
i haven't seen a flash fighting game as good as this one.
As much as i don't like boxing type games like this
i did enjoy punching the Fulp himself.
The controls were also pretty innovative, good job.
Again, good luck with the competition,

Poor AS.

Man, this is so full of glitches, so let me list as much as I could find:

- controls didn't work most of the time
- sometimes they would start to work, like the hands would move up a little bit, then glitch and go right back down
- the combos worked only about half the time
- the blocking system has a major lag, even when all the settings are off or on low
- the tapping system didn't work at all
- punching has a noticeable delay
- sometimes the pause would show the menu but not actually pausing the game
- the timer was worst though; even after I changed all the settings, it literally stayed at 59 seconds for about a minute

poxpower responds:

I think your problem is that your computer sucks ass.

Great game!

I loved the animation and gameplay on this game!

Really good job, maybe Punch Wade Out next?


haha lol

really fun and amusing
thx for the flash

Nice Job :D

Oh Toms Got It Comming LOL ;D Nice Work PoxPower