Reviews for "Punch Tom Out"

Hehe, nice idea

I really like the idea and the controls, it feels pretty cool in this way. But if you have caps lock on, the other keys won't react (or at least some of them). Other than that, awesome art and everything. Great job.

I friggin loved it

It felt like old school punch out and it was alot of fun. and the mash the buttons to keep your oponent down was a very fresh feature. I might have to take that from ya ;)

overall excellent work. your avatar of Tom is busted tho. stop tracin and learn some damn anatomy. <3

VERt nice Graphics

But extremely boring there wasn't much to this game very repetitive just because it has nice graphics doesn't mean the game is all that good. All flash no substance. no pun intended

poxpower responds:

right, well, it IS boxing.
So :p
Check back later, I'll probably update it with more features. Suggestions are welcome.

Its alright.

Graphic wise the game is superb, from everything to the menu screen to the actual game play graphics, but regardless there isnt much to game and it is too simple. Probably having other modes, other characters, or other abilities would help. On a side not the game lags a lot, although this can be fixed for the most part by lowering quality.


Good work

I like the graphics of the game, some of the best drawings i've seen in a while. The gameplay is simple which everybody likes. There should just be a way to dodge punches or counter them though.