Reviews for "Punch Tom Out"


well i got to like round 6 finally KO'ed the bugger but then he just stood there flinching retarededly and I couldn't move, even when round 7 came around the bell just rang and nothing else happened.

Besides that the game was awesome great for wireless keyboards, But please disable tab don't like opening a new tab to NG midfight


Amazing. I can't say I disliked the controls but they were ... different! The animation was nice and smooth! And it was fun :) Great game!


he cheated!!! ahhh too hard!!!!


This makes me want to make a Mii of Tom on my Wii. You should change the controls to AS = Right Pawch/Block and KL = Left Pawnch/Block in my opinion.


.. Excellent work here. WOw like really it better then some of those old school fight night games, you managed to keep it simple enough to be fun but smooth never to more then enjoyable. great job, wish you had a super move to against tom or his friends.. damm posion fists