Reviews for "Punch Tom Out"


not realy good because tom fulp cant be defeated and i hated that he hat the castle crashers on hes side

Well executed

A few small glitches, but i beat him in the 4th.


i hated this game. boring and very very un informative about what to do.

He has some will to fight

I couldn't keep Tom out of the fight. Whenever I took his health down to nothing he would stand there doing nothing as well as my guy. But other then that it had good mechanics and Its always nice to take your anger out on Tom.


well i got to like round 6 finally KO'ed the bugger but then he just stood there flinching retarededly and I couldn't move, even when round 7 came around the bell just rang and nothing else happened.

Besides that the game was awesome great for wireless keyboards, But please disable tab don't like opening a new tab to NG midfight