Reviews for "Punch Tom Out"

it was ok

it was a regular boxing match when in my opinion toms"friends"came just ruined it

Loved it.

I'm not sure what everyone is complaining about (also i'm not sure on wich level they set it) but Tom is really easy to beat on Easy.

I still managed to beat him on Normal but i wasnt allot of being KO'd and i think Hard is just impossible , lol.


Heres a few tips for those who are having problems in Easy Mode (when i mention windows i'm talking about the small opportunities you get to hit him)

Keep your block up all the time , dont leave yourself exposed to Toms punches.

One of the combos is Block + Hit wich results in an uppercut , when you find a window hit Tom with a Dual Uppercut this is sure to sap his health away.


Blue : dont bother , keep blocking.

Green : Keep up your guard and try to hit him through the windows.

Yellow : He'll bareley block now so he's well open for your attacks also he seems to jab left or right for a long period. Make sure you know wich side he's going for and deliver a punch on the other side.

Red : Cool down , Tom wont hit you so leave your guard down so your Blocking Bar can recover.


Well , this is deffinatley a nice game and it'll be nice to see when/if you decide to do this with other staff members (or Newgrounds icons like Pico , Dad or Hank) , it leaves allot of possibillities open.

One way or another this was a swell game and i dont really expect to see annything similar int he future really but regardless i'm keeping my hopes up.

Keep em comming!

Not much fun

Ok, it's little funny game, but not really interesting, boring.


2 fuckin hard evn on easy dude


Tom Fulp can be defeated, and this game is cool