Reviews for "Punch Tom Out"

HThis has been a dream of mine :P

I liked this cause I got uhim down on easy and normal.But hard was a little mean for my skill even if I knocked him down to his last legs hehe.


good game after the first time you knock him out hes hard then after the 2nd time you nock him down its super easy

poxpower responds:

Finally someone who can play a game like a man.
You people and your final fantasies. You're spoiled I tells ya.


on round two one of my arms got blown off some how

poxpower responds:

yes that's a ...secret :o

A little unblanced but

I never used the keyboard to play a game like this before. It was fun, kinda felt like I had a remote control in my hand. The gloves looked cool and the graphics and game mechanics were great. The reason I said it was unbalanced was because Tom had castle crusher's on his side and you don't which I think made him stronger. Also when he was down I didn't know what to do at first which was confusing. If you are going to make a part two make it so you get different gloves and fight other people besides Tom in different arenas. Still it was a great and fun game.


this game is really fun