Reviews for "Punch Tom Out"

Not that hard

I thought this game was really fun and it wasnt that hard but it does get a bit hard after you knock him down once and he gets CC help. But still really fun.


that was pretty dam fun. No hard feelings to Tom of course but it was fun to knock his ass out lol!


You made the game sound more interesting then it really was.
So you get to choose from easy,medium, or hard, but playing all three of them I really didn't notice a difference in difficulty. Art work in general was fun and the fight against his little minions was a nice little add on till you reached the point where you actually had to listen to what the screen said. Now thia ia great in a puzzle game, but in a fighting game of this caliber its all about Button mashing Button mashing Button mashing. All in all it was an entertaining game while it lasted, but I expected it a bit more fighting and a little less brain thought on how you should kick his ass. 7/10 and 3/5


But vey broing
the only intresting thing is the style of the art...other than that it sucks

yeah it was good

lots of people noticed glitches though the only one i found was in round 2 i was halfway through and every time i pressed shift or enter to block it brought up the screen saying round 1 over but after restarting it was all good nice game