Reviews for "Punch Tom Out"

sorry tom T.T

pretty awesome
and rougedragon
ITS A GAME its not supposed to be real
how many games on here are realistic or have reason?

Kind of one sided

It would be nice if this was a REAL boxing game and tom didn't have those lil armor clad ass-clowns or whatever they are popping up and buffing him: A shield where you can't him him but he can hit you; you get hit you're poisioned, tom gets angry and punches like a rabbit on speed, and finally if you hit him you loose health.
Next time make a game that actually has some realism to it, where you duke it one 1 on 1 in a REAL boxing match, where your rely on your training and technique to see the holes in your oppnents defense to get your hits in and no armor wearing Monty Python skit rejects

poxpower responds:

If you want to duke it out with Tom like a man, just let him get back up over and over again, he'll regain health as the rounds end.

You can beat his ass one on one for 10 rounds :D


Considering the views a lotta ppl wanna knock tom out lol


i say it was good hard but awesome i beat it on easy

Lots of fun!

Great game but a little easy, beat Tom on hard no sweat.